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Distributed Antenna System (DAS) Networks

Distributed Antenna System (DAS) Networks

24x7 Wireless Coverage, Inside and Out

Distributed Antenna System (DAS) networks are pivotal in creating ubiquitous wireless coverage in both in-building and outdoor environments. The technology has emerged as a fast and cost-effective wireless solution to bridge coverage gaps in settings such as casinos, malls, hospitals, airports and stadiums.

So how can neutral host solution providers, system integrators, carriers and enterprises ensure high network availability and reliability in settings like these? That’s where INOC comes in. By identifying, troubleshooting and reporting on service affecting issues, INOC’s 24x7 NOC monitoring and reporting services help clients understand the extent of an outage and the impact on service availability. Our NOC works closely with the client’s field support staff to minimize unnecessary truck rolls and accelerate time to resolution, significantly increasing uptime.

NOC Service Customization and Flexibility
INOC offers customized monitoring solutions for a variety of DAS network equipment, ranging from ADC/LGC and Andrew to Powerwave and DeltaNode. As our customers deploy or assume maintenance responsibility for new networks, INOC can quickly integrate new DAS equipment into our NOC services platform, iMonitor and customer reporting portal, NOCview2. For DAS equipment where standard protocols such as SNMP are unavailable, INOC’s NOC deploys alternative means to retrieve critical device status and statistical information.. Our Advanced Engineering and Development teams bring a breadth of experience and knowledge in monitoring and managing DAS technologies. Simply put, we tailor our solutions to our client’s technology needs.

INOC’s NOC support for DAS networks includes:

  • DAS vendor / equipment specific engineering expertise and support
  • Custom processes and procedures
  • Engagement with Carrier NOCs and field support to coordinate support activity
  • A central clearinghouse for DAS network information such as plant layouts and equipment details.
  • Custom reports (e.g., network uptime by site, system, device, antenna, band, and carrier)
  • Branded web portal that provides:
    • Real-time status
    • Visibility in to NOC support activity
    • Branded access to DAS customers (Carriers, Building Owners, Enterprises)

Here are a few examples of customized NOC service solutions that INOC provides for DAS customers:

24x7 NOC Support with Multi-Vendor Integration, Custom Reporting & Branding
One of the world’s largest DAS network providers uses INOC to monitor its in-building wireless systems in malls, hotels, convention centers and casinos. INOC integrated the monitoring and support of multiple DAS systems - Andrew, LGC Wireless, Powerwave - developing custom reporting solutions that provide comprehensive visibility into network uptime. The various components of the NOC service are branded with our DAS client’s identity, to ensure a consistent image is presented to its wireless service provider customers.

NOC Operational Integration with Customer’s Element Management Systems (EMS)
Another large outdoor DAS network provider uses INOC to supplement their in-house NOC support capabilities. INOC uses a combination of customer’s EMS platforms and INOC’s iMonitor platform to provide support during evenings, weekends and holidays. INOC developed detailed and highly customized transition and hand-off processes and procedures to ensure uninterrupted 24x7 NOC support availability across the multiple NOCs.

Deliver 24x7 Wireless Coverage Confidently with 24x7 NOC Support
INOC currently monitors several hundred DAS networks for its customers. Our expert staff, 24x7 monitoring, processes and tools will help your company confidently deploy and maintain DAS networks to optimize coverage and service for wireless subscribers. For more information on how INOC can help your company improve Network and IT availability and performance, contact us today.

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