Your submarine cable systems require a NOC that can respond to issues quickly, completely, and reliably. Our subsea cable and terrestrial network support services do just that for organizations around the world.

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Subsea Network Support

Rapid, informed response for your subsea optical network issues

Building modern operational support structures requires an understanding of the unique challenges facing submarine cable networks. With extensive experience supporting terrestrial optical networks, we extend these capabilities to the seafloor though NOC support for subsea networks. As subsea operators build new cable systems and upgrade existing ones to meet the unprecedented bandwidth demand, reliable NOC support has become a key evaluation criterion for their customers.

Besides a deep knowledge of long-haul and ultra-long-haul fiber cable, submarine networks require handling of issues caused by external sources, usually vessel anchoring. We understand submarine network technologies and components, as well as terrestrial network segments, and work with various third-parties including OEMs and submarine cable maintenance companies to rapidly respond to support issues.

A sample of supported subsea network technologies and components:

  • Optical Elements
  • Element Management Systems (EMS)
  • Building Management Systems (BMS)
  • Quality of Service (QoS) alarms
  • Optical Failure alarms
  • Cable Landing Station (CLS)
  • Joint System Maintenance Document (JSMD)
  • Line Terminal Equipment (LTE)
  • Power Feeding Equipment (PFE)
  • Remote Fiber Testing Equipment (RFTE)

Put our subsea network expertise to work for you

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