A Practical Guide to Running an Effective NOC

White paper A Practical Guide to Running an Effective NOC

No matter what kind of business you run, your IT infrastructure and applications are bound to be affected by outages. Every second of downtime can cost you time and money.

A properly run NOC not only mitigates these losses, but also improves network, infrastructure, and application performance—delivering measurable business value through saved productivity.

Grab our free white paper and get practical steps you can take to build, optimize, and manage your NOC for maximum uptime and performance.

About the white paperHere’s the main idea.

A high-functioning NOC does more than just keep your network, infrastructure, and applications up and running. It can quickly inform impacted users of a problem, enabling them to shift their attention to other tasks without skipping a beat.

In addition to detecting issues, the NOC oversees corrective actions to restore functionality after an outage. Here, the NOC offers a golden opportunity to keep the business moving during downtime by improving communication between key stakeholders—both those whose work is impacted and those fixing the problem.

This guide give you what you need to unlock this capability within your NOC: a centralized operational framework to deliver information and take action at lightning speed—shortening response and resolution times while giving staff the information they need to adjust to the outage quickly.

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The inside look Everything you need to know to run a NOC at peak performance

This white paper covers the steps involved in designing, building, and managing a successful NOC. It also touches on the most common challenges NOCs face and shows how virtually all of them can be resolved or avoided by effectively operationalizing your NOC. You’ll learn:

  • What a NOC should do today
  • What makes NOCs effective and efficient
  • Best practices you can apply right now
Practical Guide Table of Contents
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The benefits Pro-tips for mastering your operation

Learn the key principles of designing a high-performance NOC operation.
Get expert tips for establishing clear roles and responsibilities so your NOC can run efficiently.
Explore the key skills that are needed in the modern NOC.
Get a framework for building a NOC support infrastructure.

You're in good company Trusted by Leading Enterprises, Service Providers and OEMs

INOC plays a vital role in keeping our enterprise infrastructure up and our stress levels way down. This level of NOC support doesn’t just lead to faster resolution times—it enables us to be proactive in preventing issues. I’d recommend their platform to any organization that needs a dependable support partner.”

Kelly “Colleen” Jacobs, Program Manager, Department of Veteran’s Affairs, AT&T Business

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A Practical Guide to Running an Effective NOC

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