The Role of AIOps in Enhancing NOC Support

White paper The Role of AIOps in Enhancing NOC Support

Right now, AIOps is helping NOC teams overcome the unprecedented complexity and scale of today’s IT environments.

By marrying machine learning and automation, AIOps has unlocked new opportunities to maximize availability and performance across IT infrastructures.

Grab our free white paper and learn how your NOC support stands to gain from AIOps by overcoming operational challenges and delivering outstanding service. Use the free included worksheet to contextualize the value of AIOps for your organization.

About the white paperHere’s the main idea.

Routine operational tasks have long forced NOCs to devote valuable human energy to activities that distract from more important matters impacting bottomline growth. Persistent inefficiencies and lackluster tools have stymied the core objectives of performance and availability. These challenges have impeded organizations large and small from achieving critical goals for themselves and their customers.

With AIOps, new opportunities have emerged for enterprises, service providers, and OEMs to achieve the consistent performance and availability needed to grow with confidence.

At INOC, we continue to research, test, validate, and invest in applied AIOps, bringing this future closer each day. We don’t waste your time here with the typical hype and hyperbole about AI. Instead,
we bring the discussion down to earth and into the modern NOC—giving you a clear and concise explanation of AIOps in the NOC support context.

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The inside look Everything you need to know about AIOps in the NOC

Here at INOC, we’ve developed and implemented AIOps functionality with automation that utilizes both rules-based and machine learning to seize new opportunities in NOC support. Read this guide to discover:

  • How AIOps is being applied in the NOC right now
  • The benefits of AIOps
  • Criteria you can use to contextualize those benefits for yourself
AIOps Table of Contents
AIOps inside look
AIOps inside look 2

The benefits Machine learning and automation—applied

Use this guide to see how advanced machine learning and automation tools offer powerful new opportunities to improve IT performance and availability.
See exactly where machine learning and automation are being appropriately applied in the NOC.
Explore examples of AIOps in action from our very own monitoring and management workflow.
Get a worksheet you can use to see just how much you stand to gain from adopting AIOps yourself, or working with an outsourced provider to augment your operation.

You're in good company Trusted by Leading Enterprises, Service Providers and OEMs

INOC plays a vital role in keeping our enterprise infrastructure up and our stress levels way down. This level of NOC support doesn’t just lead to faster resolution times—it enables us to be proactive in preventing issues. I’d recommend their platform to any organization that needs a dependable support partner.”

Kelly “Colleen” Jacobs, Program Manager, Department of Veteran’s Affairs, AT&T Business

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The Role of AIOps in Enhancing NOC Support

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