Overcome the infrastructure challenges that stand in the way of business

Infrastructure issues prevent you from focusing your attention where it's needed most: innovating and growing your business. Without an effective NOC, persistent support issues lead to expensive project delays, endless stress, and serious vulnerabilities that threaten your business.

We help you take control of your infrastructure support through a suite of NOC solutions designed to meet the specific needs of your technology environment and operational workflow. Whether we're supporting you from our 24x7 NOC locations or optimizing and designing your on-site NOCs, proactively monitoring, detecting, and measuring the service availability and performance of your infrastructure and support operations is key to high-quality support. Comprehensive network, server, and application monitoring and a powerful operational framework deliver detailed metrics and visibility, enabling our or your monitoring teams to react quickly and optimize for peak support execution.

What are your NOC challenges?

  • tiered organization flow chart icon

    Lack of tiered organization / workflow

    Over-utilized technology staff; Missed opportunities for reducing support costs

  • quality management ribbon icon

    No quality management

    Lack of quality; Missed opportunities providing support; Problems reemerge, teams stay reactive

  • operational metrics graph icon

    Insufficient operational metrics

    Teams remain blind to issues and opportunities; High costs

  • wrench and screwdriver tools icon

    Disparate tools and platforms

    Lots of data, but nothing easily actionable; Critical issues missed

  • hiring magnifying glass icon

    Difficulty in staff hiring, training & retention

    Limited focus on staff and their growth; High turnover

  • documentation icon

    Out-of-date documentation & runbooks

    Persistent problems continue

  • frameworks atom icon

    Poor process frameworks

    Lack of consistency in responsiveness; Slow (or difficult) troubleshooting

  • falling graph icon

    Inability to scale

    Business growth slowed

  • lock box icon

    Lack of business continuity

    Constant vulnerability

Top 10 Challenges white paper


Top 10 Challenges to Running a Successful NOC

Download our free white paper and learn how to overcome the top challenges in running a successful NOC.


NOC Solutions

Our NOC solutions enable you to meet demanding infrastructure support requirements and gain full control of your infrastructure’s technology, support, and operations. Monitor and protect your infrastructure through custom outsourced NOC support and receive industry-leading best practices consulting for designing and building new NOCs or optimizing existing NOCs for optimal performance.

INO Illustration NOC Solutions
hand holding a gear NOC Support Services icon

NOC Support Services

Need us 24x7? Overnight? Just on weekends? Our award-winning outsourced NOC support services provide exactly the level of support you need—when you need it. Focus your attention and resources on revenue-generating projects and leave infrastructure monitoring and management to the team trusted by enterprises, communications service providers, and OEMs to deliver maximum uptime, availability, and performance.

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NOC Operations Consulting customer under a magnifying glass icon

NOC Operations Consulting

We diligently assess internal and external support requirements and draw on operational best practices to provide tiered organization structures, define appropriate workflows, and provide full operational visibility into your infrastructure and support. Work with our NOC experts to identify meaningful metrics and develop detailed reports for top NOC performance, whether you need to design a new NOC or optimize your existing one.

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Trusted by Enterprises, Service Providers, and OEMs

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NOC Expertise

Draw on our deep knowledge and experience to better understand the opportunities for improving your support and develop an operational structure that unlocks its full potential. Learn more about how we run our NOCs and provide expert-level guidance in all areas of NOC support, optimization, design, and build.

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Technical Expertise

With years of experience working in multi-vendor and multi-technology environments, our engineers know what it takes to keep our clients up and running 24x7. Learn how we provide technical expertise to enterprises, service providers, and OEMs, or explore our technical capabilities in specific areas of infrastructure.

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Our Processes for NOC Success

Whether your focus is outsourcing NOC support or improving internal NOC operations, the scope and depth of our services are customized to your requirements—making onboarding and partnership clear, structured, and comfortable for everyone. Once we fully understand the opportunities for maximizing the power and performance of your infrastructure support, we'll guide you through each step of the way.

NOC Support

Following clearly outlined steps, our team walks you through the process to turn up your outsourced NOC.

Get Started
1 Internal Preparation pen and paper icon

INOC Internal Preparation

  • Onboard Request
  • Service Transition Review
  • Internal Kick Off
2 service transition four connected cubes icon

Service Transition

  • Client Kick Off
  • Working
  • Test/Transition
  • NOC/Client Training
3 ready for service gear icon

Ready for Service

  • Ready for Service (RFS)
  • Complete Pending 30 Days
  • Completion

NOC Operations Consulting

We provide recommended tactical steps for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your NOC through our assessment framework.

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1 business analysis bar graph icon

Business Analysis

  • Client Requirements
  • SLA
  • Metrics
  • TCO Calculation
2 training and organizational structure two people icon


  • Position Descriptions
  • Training
  • Organization Structure
3 workflow process icon


  • NOC Runbooks & Documentation
  • Workflow
  • Business Continuity
  • Quality Control & Assurance
4 light bulb technology icon


  • Tools & Integration
  • Reporting
  • Metrics Measurement

NOC Services for Managed Service Providers: A Complete Guide

Our new guide breaks down everything the modern MSP and system integrator needs to know to cost-effectively access 24x7 NOC services and unlock new revenue in 2022 and beyond.

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NOC for MSPs

Unlock the full potential of your infrastructure and keep it running 24x7

We understand that infrastructure support is vital to your organization's success. No matter what NOC solution fits your infrastructure support needs, we provide you the comfort and confidence that comes with fast, effective issue resolution, 24x7 support, and the full visibility needed to achieve peak performance and stay competitive.

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