NOC Turnup & Assessment

Our turnup and assessment processes make issues, opportunities, and requirements clear and actionable—whether you’re turning up support on NOC, partnering to integrate our services with your own, or optimizing your current NOC operations.

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NOC Turnup
(Outsourced Support)

New clients often worry about the process of outsourcing their NOC support. Rightly so. It’s a big undertaking that depends on asking the right questions and gathering a full set of requirements from the start. We make onboarding easy with a proven turnup process guided by experts each step of the way.

NOC Assessment
(Operations Consulting)

Need help improving operations for an existing NOC or designing an effective operational framework for a new one? We uncover every gap and inform every recommendation through a comprehensive assessment phase. We analyze your business (or your customers' businesses), understand your internal and external support requirements, SLAs, security requirements, and much more.

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Turn up on our NOC in 10 easy steps

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Our dedicated service turnup team walks you through our process with a few helpful tools to keep everyone aligned. We typically get clients up and running on our award-winning NOC in four to eight weeks. Once you’re up, you’ll get access to a client/customer portal to see what we’re tracking in real time. Actionable metrics help your team—and ours—benchmark performance and determine the root cause of ongoing issues for more effective resolution and prevention.

Onboard Request

We identify the onboarding team and put together all the documents and information we have on your support requirements along with the scope. 

Service Transition Review

Our Service Transition onboarding team scrutinizes this information to ensure everything that needs to be addressed has been addressed before kicking off the project internally.

Internal Kick-Off

Every impacted INOC team member is brought into the loop to ensure everyone knows exactly what they’ll be doing, how they’ll be doing it, and are confident the plan is perfectly-tuned to make transition smooth and successful. We develop a draft project plan and schedule to present to you.

Client Kick-Off

We introduce our onboarding team and re-confirm our understanding of your support needs from every angle. We'll guide you through the draft project plan and the entire project schedule; we'll discuss what’s happening, when to expect important milestones, and where we’ll need your involvement to keep things on-track. We adjust the plan as needed, then finalize the tasks and schedule, and give you real time visibility in to the project plan.


Once all the discovery work is complete and you’re fully confident in the plan, we get to work preparing our monitoring and knowledge management platforms and everything we need to deliver outstanding NOC service.


Once the tools are in place, we conduct exhaustive testing. Multiple departments use an extensive checklist to ensure every system, tool, and piece of data is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do.

NOC/Client Training

With everything validated and ready to go, we ensure our staff is fully trained for service and you know exactly how to use the client portal to view KPIs, in-process tickets, and every other data point. Before moving any further, you sign off to confirm you’re fully prepared.

Ready for Service

Once everything is ready, we immediately enter a 30-day burn-in period where our monitoring team actively monitors everything. We check with the NOC staff, we check the ticketing system, and look for anything else that deserves further fine-tuning.

Complete Pending 30 Days

After the 30-day burn-in period, all findings are collected before formally turning over from onboarding to Change Management.


Service is officially turned up and running as it should. As part of transitioning you from onboarding to Change Management, you receive a comprehensive package of documentation containing information about exactly what you wanted INOC to do and proof that the service is being delivered accordingly. You’re now free and clear to navigate.

NOC Assessment Reveal opportunities within your current NOC or build a new one with the operational framework it needs to succeed

Whether you want to improve your current NOC through a comprehensive evaluation or you’re building a new NOC and need an operational framework that satisfies your requirements while incorporating best practices, we walk you through a detailed assessment process that examines people, process, and platform from every angle.

Current NOC Optimization

Business Requirements & Gap Analysis

Dealing with a costly NOC? We leave no stone unturned to reveal gaps and highlight opportunities for improvement. Optimization starts with a deep dive into people, process, and platform using the ITIL framework to identify weaknesses and inform action. We also conduct a maturity analysis to circle the gaps and provide you with a set of recommendations you can implement yourself or with our help.


NOC Design & Implementation

Business Analysis & Requirements Gathering

Building out a new NOC? Arm it with the operational strategy it needs to achieve peak performance. We help you design and implement an operational framework incorporating ITIL best practices to maximize NOC efficiency and effectiveness from day one. We’ll closely analyze your business support needs and gather all relevant requirements to ensure your operational strategy is fine-tuned to satisfy the business while taking advantage of every opportunity in front of you. 

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We really value the INOC team's understanding of NOC support and operations and their ability to support our growing customer base and requirements. They’ve understood and accommodated our changing needs in a way that encourages growth and expansion.

Joe Phelan, Vice President, Customer Service

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