24x7 Service Desk

A single point of contact for you and your customers. Our front-line team monitors events, resolves incidents, and engages resources quickly.

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One point of contact, day or night

Our 24x7 Service Desk is the single point of contact for you and your customers. All phone calls, emails, and other alerts are processed into incidents and requests before being dispatched to the appropriate personnel based on your desired level of technical support. Utilize our Service Desk for notification, tier one, or more advanced NOC support based on your specific needs. We interface with your team at all levels of technical support and can take many issues through to resolution from our own award-winning NOC.

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Case Study: Large Data Center Company

Learn how INOC built operational capacity and reduced response time for a large data center, colocation, and interconnection provider with more than 20 facilities across the United States.

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24x7 frontline service for all levels of technical support

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Calls, emails, and other alerts are processed, information is recorded, and urgency is determined. Alerts that turn into tickets are acted on or forwarded to the appropriate personnel at the appropriate time.

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Tier 1

At Tier 1, we process alerts and work the vast majority of them to resolution without impacting your team at all. Thanks to a deep bench of experts supported by an effective operational framework for monitoring and managing events, our Tier 1 resolution rates typically sit between 60% and 80%.

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Advanced (Tier 2 & 3)

Need more advanced incident or problem management? We can provide higher-tier support to resolve complex issues. Talk to us to discuss more comprehensive support.


Give your engineers a rest—we've got it covered

Let your technical team focus on projects that support revenue growth, not low-level maintenance that keeps them up at night. Our 24x7 Service Desk is here to handle these and other support tasks so your engineers can invest their time and attention where it matters most. Through our NOC support framework, we significantly reduce the burden on internal support teams by handling at Tier 1 what many organizations are forced to utilize advanced technical staff for—sometimes by as much as 90%.

Faster reaction, faster resolution

Around-the-clock service means precious time isn't lost in the logistics of logins and all the other tasks that slow down recovery. Each support process is documented, understood, and trained on by those delivering service so the right information can be gathered and passed on to the appropriate team as quickly as possible.

Take the first step toward a more effective and efficient NOC

Want to learn more about our 24x7 Service Desk and how we can help you achieve peak performance while saving your team valuable time and resources? Tell us a little about yourself, your infrastructure, and your challenges. We'll follow-up within one business day by phone or email.

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