Outsourced NOC Support

Need us 24x7? Overnight? Just on weekends? Our award-winning outsourced NOC support services provide exactly the level of support you need when you need it. Focus your attention and resources on revenue-generating projects and leave infrastructure monitoring and management to the team trusted by enterprises, communications service providers, OEMs, MSPs, and others to deliver maximum uptime, availability, and performance.

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Award-winning 24x7 infrastructure monitoring and support

Our network operations centers monitor tens of thousands of infrastructure elements around the clock. High-level NOC management expertise and custom-built systems ensure you and your customers achieve the infrastructure performance and availability needed to grow and thrive with confidence in a quickly-changing IT landscape.

Simply put, our goal is 100% uptime for each client's technology environment—whether we’re supporting you directly or supporting your customers. Our NOC uses advanced event detection systems and SLA-specific responses to keep infrastructures operating. Our outsourced NOC services are thorough and comprehensive, from initial setup to 24×7 support to post-event analysis and reporting.

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Free white paper Top 10 Challenges to Running a Successful NOC

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Service at every level of technical support

Our multi-tier operational support structure enables managers to leverage the lower-cost first-level or Tier 1 team to perform routine activities, freeing up high-level technical teams to focus on more advanced support issues. By following an operational methodology that utilizes a tiered support structure in full alignment with the ITIL framework, our NOC can rapidly respond to incidents and events and continue to implement changes as needed, all under a more cost-effective service model. 


Notification Support

We detect and identify events from alarms, calls, and emails related to network and security equipment, circuits, cloud infrastructure, and applications. This also includes creating incidents and notifying or escalating them to the client or customer until the incident has been acknowledged.


Tier 1 Support

At Tier 1, support includes initial event correlation, infrastructure, and services impact determination, and incident prioritization within established SLA timeframes—in addition to the scope of Notification Support. We work the vast majority of issues to resolution without impacting your team at all. Our Tier 1 resolution rates typically sit between 60% and 80% of all issues.


Advanced (Tier 2 & 3) Support

Our advanced support team expands on Tier 1’s expertise to include a deeper, investigative level of troubleshooting expertise in network and IT technologies along with specialized knowledge for highly-involved resolution.

Need to deliver 24x7 NOC support to your customers? Partner with us.

Looking for a NOC services partner who can fill 24x7 NOC support gaps and unlock new revenue opportunities in high-demand areas like managed services? The INOC VISION Partner Program gives you the solutions, training, tools, and support to accelerate profitability and expand your business at a fraction of the cost and complexity of standing up NOC services yourself. Add our capabilities to your service catalog.

Take a look inside our comprehensive service catalog

Our service catalog covers a wide range of operational support functions for proactively monitoring, detecting, and measuring service availability and performance across the infrastructure and its support operations—24x7 or whenever you need us. Expand the sections below for a sample of our comprehensive service catalog.

Want to integrate or white-label these services into your own service catalog? Talk to us about our partner program.


INOC service catalogue
Event Monitoring and Management

We monitor, detect, and process events and faults related to client networks, IT infrastructures, and services such as status changes or usage to determine the appropriate action, often resulting in an incident being logged for fault management.

Incident Management

We detect and resolve incidents in order to restore services as quickly as possible and minimize downtime of our clients’ proactively monitored infrastructure and services. Notification, Tier 1, 2, and 3 services are available.

Problem Management

For those receiving our Tier 3 Incident Management services, Standard Problem Management includes performing activities needed to diagnose the root cause of incidents and submitting change requests to resolve those problems. Predictive Problem Management aims to avoid incidents proactively. This service also maintains information about problems and workarounds for use by Incident Management.

Capacity Management

We record and manage the performance, utilization, and capacity of our clients’ infrastructure components to ensure client service-level targets are being met.

On-Demand NOC Support

We provide backup — overflow, disaster recovery — NOC support for our non-24x7 clients.

Product Support

We provide white-labeled technical support to clients of system integrators, OEMs, and independent software vendors. Notification, Tier 1, 2, and 3 services are available.

Help Desk Support

We record and manage service requests — for information, advice, standard troubleshooting support, or access to a service — for our clients' end users and end customers.

Call Center Support

We record and route calls from our clients’ end users and end customers.

Service Transition Planning and Support

We work together with our clients to define the specific steps for the initial setup of support, including per-customer onboarding if applicable.

New Service Onboarding

We onboard client and customer infrastructure with client-supplied information and assistance. Get in touch with us to see all the services included in standard turn-up support, including CMDB setup, connectivity, ticket system, alarm monitoring setup, call and email setup, NOC runbooks, and much more.

Change Management

We record and manage changes to infrastructure, services, and monitoring. After New Service Onboarding is complete, we make subsequent changes to our support to reflect changes in our clients’ or their customers’ infrastructure and support environments. These changes include scheduled maintenance support as well as Requests for Change, including move, add, change, and delete requests.

Service Asset and Configuration Management

SACM defines the service and infrastructure components required to deliver services to our clients and maintains accurate configuration records. Configuration records also include service and asset relationship information. This support process allows for better Change Management, Incident Management, and Problem Management and ensures adherence to standards, legal requirements, and regulatory obligations.

Service Reporting and Service Analysis

Service Reporting provides reports about INOC support. Service Analysis aligns the services with changing client business needs by identifying and implementing improvements to the services we provide. The objective of this process is to improve effectiveness and achieve these objectives in more economical ways. Service Analysis measures and monitors process compliance, quality, performance, and the business value of a given process.

Complementary Support Services

Complementary support services include Platform Integration Services, Client Runbook Development Client Infrastructure Management Setup, Custom Functionality, and Provisioning.

Operationalized for speed, flexibility, and responsiveness.

The INOC Platform actively monitors your infrastructure and applications in real time, 24x7, to identify faults, make actionable correlations, and prepare tickets for resolution without disrupting your team or your business. Unlike most NOCs, our operation positions an Advanced Incident Management (AIM) team at the beginning of our support workflow to better interpret issues and relay them to the appropriate tier—vastly improving the accuracy and efficiency of service.

The INOC Platform—at a glance
INOC NMS or Integrated Manager of Managers
Correlation, Machine Learning & Automation
Data Warehousing
KPIs & Reporting

Secure and certified from top to bottom.

We meet rigorous international standards in ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of customer data, systems, and infrastructure being monitored and managed by our network operations centers. We’ve built a comprehensive security team that covers staff roles in compliance, technical, and SOC operations to maintain our ISMS.
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Security Program
  • 7-year background checks, including drug screening
  • SOC 2 Type II — Dual primary data centers
  • Centralized Access — Secure NOC facilities, KeyCard access
  • Complete client separation — Connectivity, Server, Databases, Reporting
  • Dedicated security team — Administrative & technical staff
  • Security certifications — ISO 27001 certified NOC, NERC CIP compliance (energy), US Privacy Shield, CAS(T) compliant (UK)

Structured to steer support activities where they belong.

INOC's Structured NOC radically transforms where and how support activities are managed, both by tier and category. In a matter of months, the value of an effective operational framework becomes abundantly clear as support activities steadily migrate to their appropriate tiers, lightening the load on advanced engineers while working and resolving issues faster and more effectively.

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Resourced by support teams inside and outside the NOC.

Success in NOC support is a combined effort between the NOC team and the critical teams supporting it. The INOC Team encompasses all of these roles and functions, giving you a complete support package from initial service transition to close-knit customer experience management (and everything in between).

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Ready to support virtually any technical environment.

While we employ a wide array of cutting-edge technology and sophisticated operational tools, it’s our depth of knowledge that makes the difference. With decades of experience in infrastructure monitoring and engineering—and with thousands of mission-critical decisions under our belts—we’re uniquely equipped to understand the technical elements within your IT environment and satisfy the ever-changing infrastructure support demands.

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Join hundreds of companies maximizing uptime and availability with INOC

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Case study How INOC Helped Adtran Improve Its Onboarding Process, Reduce Time-to-Ticket by 26%, and Reduce Time-to-Resolution by 50%

What’s your NOC solution?

Direct NOC Support

Enterprise, Service Provider, OEM

As a leading provider of NOC services, we know how to ensure infrastructure and application availability throughout the enterprise, prioritize outstanding customer communications for service providers, provide detailed network performance metrics via dashboards and reports for OEMs and their customers, or support any other key business driver and deliver a solution fit just for you.

White-Labeled or Augmented NOC Support

MSP, SI, VAR, OEM, Strategic Technology Partner, Referral Sales Agent

Looking for a NOC services partner who can fill 24x7 NOC support gaps and unlock new revenue opportunities in high-demand areas such as managed services? The INOC VISION Partner Program gives you the solutions, training, tools, and support to accelerate profitability and expand your business at a fraction of the cost and complexity of standing up NOC services yourself.

“We really value the INOC team’s understanding of NOC support and operations and their ability to support our growing customer base and requirements. They’ve understood and accommodated our changing needs in a way that encourages growth and expansion.”

Adtran logo Joe Phelan, Vice President, Customer Service

“INOC combines end-to-end technical and operational expertise into an outstanding service package. They supported a complex optical network connecting multiple data centers with a level of organization and process efficiency that was impressive. Turnup was streamlined, painless, and transitioned smoothly into excellent ongoing 24x7x365 support.”

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Digital Reality

"INOC plays a critical role in protecting vital terrestrial and subsea networks that demand the very best in monitoring. To us, an issue left undetected can compound into a multi-million-dollar fix. INOC’s expertise and responsiveness have become indispensable for our clients who rely on these networks. Notifications are escalated exactly where they need to go and we can meet virtually any reporting demand our clients bring to us."

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Aqua Comms

Full NOC support in 4 steps

We work closely with you to understand your business needs and what’s driving you towards an outsourced or white-label NOC solution. Then we'll drill deeper to understand which specific components of service will be handled by each team. Whether you’re looking for a completely outsourced NOC solution or need supplemental support to fill gaps or scale service, we help you assemble the perfect service package.

We assign a certified project manager and engagement lead to each onboarding project, who will carefully guide you through the onboarding process each step of the way.

If you’re partnering with us to deliver 24x7 NOC services to your customers, we’ll get set up on our partner platform, give you training resources, and arm your team with powerful sales tools.

Once you’re up and running, we’ll help you understand the nuances of NOC operations and how we cover a vast number of technologies and manage change as we deliver award-winning service.

IT environments are anything but static. That’s why we routinely work with you to identify your changing business needs and do everything we can to ensure satisfaction with all of our services.

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