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NOC Services

Our NOC solutions enable you to meet demanding infrastructure support requirements and gain full control of your infrastructure’s technology, support, and operations. 

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While we employ a wide array of cutting-edge technology and sophisticated operational tools, it’s our depth of knowledge that makes the difference. With decades of experience in infrastructure monitoring and engineering—and with thousands of mission-critical decisions under our belts—we’re uniquely equipped to solve problems, identify opportunities, and design support frameworks that satisfy and very often exceed growing infrastructure support demands among enterprises, service providers, and OEMs.

NOC Support Services

Our NOCs monitor tens of thousands of infrastructure elements for enterprises, communications service providers, and OEMs around the clock and rapidly respond to events and incidents, implement changes as needed, and continually improve operations—all under a more operationally efficient service model. Deep-level NOC management expertise and a proven operational framework ensure you and your customers achieve the infrastructure performance and availability needed to grow and thrive with confidence in a quickly-changing technology landscape.

NOC Operations Consulting

Designing a new NOC or optimizing an existing one? Our NOC experts assess support requirements, analyze gaps, and draw on operational best practices to provide tiered organization structures, define appropriate workflows, and provide full operational visibility into your infrastructure and support systems.

"INOC plays a critical role in protecting vital terrestrial and subsea networks that demand the very best in monitoring. To us, an issue left undetected can compound into a multi-million-dollar fix. INOC’s expertise and responsiveness have become indispensable for our clients who rely on these networks. Notifications are escalated exactly where they need to go and we can meet virtually any reporting demand our clients bring to us."

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Aqua Comms

"INOC combines end-to-end technical and operational expertise into an outstanding service package. They supported a complex optical network connecting multiple data centers with a level of organization and process efficiency that was impressive. Turnup was streamlined, painless, and transitioned smoothly into excellent ongoing 24x7x365 support."

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Digital Realty
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We deliver high-quality support by aligning and integrating the various functions of NOC support operations into a suite of NOC solutions that are designed, built, and supported by experienced NOC specialists.

Monitor and protect your infrastructure through custom outsourced NOC support and receive industry-leading best practices consulting for designing and building new NOCs or optimizing existing NOCs for optimal performance.

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