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The runbook is the single source of truth for everyone inside and outside the NOC. Whether you’re outsourcing support to us or running your own NOC, we supply all the information you need to make action clear and consistent.

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Everything you need to know, all in one place

Poor documentation is the source of many problems throughout IT operations. Without formal processes and procedures, even highly-skilled professionals can struggle to achieve consistent desired results when outages occur.

Our NOC Runbooks thoroughly document and guide you through operational support processes. You get all the information you need to make NOC service effective and efficient, whether we’re handling support for you, or you’re taking it on in-house.

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Top 10 Challenges to Running a Successful NOC

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Runbooks for NOC Clients

Our NOC clients receive a detailed handbook documenting all the work steps the NOC will execute for managing operations, troubleshooting, and escalations specific to their support service. While primarily an internal-facing document, you get full visibility into our processes and how our team and tools will interface with yours.

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NOC Runbook Development

Have your own NOC but need a proper runbook? We deliver expert-driven runbook development as a professional service, too. We work closely with you to understand and document your processes into a single source of truth for everyone inside and outside your NOC.


Inside your NOC Runbook

Our runbooks lay out the critical inputs that drive NOC service and provide step-by-step procedures for handling them, whether it’s a phone call, email, or an event-based notification. Our runbooks also describe the outcomes of these actions, both successful and unsuccessful, with clear escalation paths to other levels of support. These paths can direct action internally or to external third parties. In short, we ensure everything is fully documented and presented for clear, consistent action.

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Infrastructure Documentation

All diagrams, supporting circuits and applications, server information, and other infrastructure details are laid out to show interrelations between infrastructure components and visualize support flows. We also document the connections between key alarms and the infrastructure to know when critical services may be being impacted.

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Process Documentation

We lay out all procedural steps teams will take, whether it's answering the phone, collecting and documenting the right information about reported issues and incidents, or any other interaction or activity that will take place.

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Links to Tools/Contacts/Data

We document and link all external tools and data that the NOC may need as part of issue resolution, as well as all internal and third-party contacts.

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Alarm-to-Action Guide

We group together the top incident-generating alarms and ensure the process for resolution is clear. We often prioritize on the top 90% within the volume of alarms as most of these issues can be handled at Tier 1, lightening the load on advanced engineers.

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