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Streamline your workflow for efficient, burden-free monitoring and troubleshooting on the highly-integrated INOC Platform.

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One NOC platform—built for flexibility and speed

The INOC Platform actively monitors your infrastructure and applications in real time, 24x7, to identify faults, make actionable correlations, and prepare tickets for resolution without disrupting your team or your business. Get the information you need to resolve issues quickly or minimize the need for on-call engineers by leaving NOC support to us. We ensure issues are worked by appropriate engineers to fit your specific service level needs and keep your infrastructure up and running at all times.

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Case Study: Large Data Center Company

Learn how INOC built operational capacity and reduced response time for a large data center, colocation, and interconnection provider with more than 20 facilities across the United States.

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Direct Monitoring

Need a single-source monitoring system for a currently unmonitored environment? The INOC Platform serves as a single-source hub for all alerts identified across every device, cloud instance, and application in your environment. Alerts are analyzed by a team of highly-skilled experts who utilize our proprietary NOCView tool to correlate alarms and generate tickets. Depending on your service level requirements, the INOC Platform gives your team or our team the actionable information it needs to resolve issues at their root, quickly and completely.

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Tools Integration

Have existing monitoring tools and need us to integrate? No problem. The INOC Platform plays well with virtually any tool you’re using today. We provide integration support to help the NOC take advantage of your own monitoring and management toolsets, applications and systems—augmenting and enhancing your workflow so you can keep using the systems you know and love while leaving NOC operations to us. If a handoff is necessary, we can bring it back to the environment that you’re comfortable working in.


The INOC Platform, at a glance

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INOC NMS or Integrated Manager of Managers

Our NMS can receive event data and poll your infrastructure elements—network, cloud, and applications—using a variety of mechanisms and protocols. Whether you need direct monitoring or you want us to integrate current monitoring tools, we seamlessly connect the INOC Platform to your infrastructure or your tools so alarms flow freely to us.

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Correlation, Machine Learning & Automation

We use advanced correlation and machine learning tools to improve accuracy and identify network, infrastructure, and application issues faster and implement automation to respond to incidents wherever possible to reduce resolution times.

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Alarms are presented to highly-skilled engineers who utilize advanced tools to correlate and open tickets as needed. NOCView allows our NOC to receive, acknowledge, and process events all within your SLA windows.

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Comprehensive ticket management means we keep you fully informed directly or provide one-way or bidirectional integration with your own ticketing system, so you can continue with what you are already used to.

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Data Warehousing

All event and ticket information is captured and securely stored in our data warehouse. We store CMDB data, event data (alerts, calls, emails), incident data, and performance data.

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KPIs & Reporting

Warehoused data is fed into your client portal, which provides clear reporting overviews into KPIs through dashboards, as well as detailed information on NOC support activity, real-time network status, and performance. Standard and custom reports based on event, incident, and performance data are available from the portal.

Faster response, faster resolution, and full integration—all in one NOC platform

The INOC Platform’s unique “single pane of glass” design ensures skilled NOC experts have all the data they need to make meaningful correlations, reduce response and resolution times, and ultimately achieve (or exceed) SLA and SLO windows. Whether you’re integrating your existing monitoring tools or need direct monitoring, our platform keeps your infrastructure and business running 24x7.

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Take the first step toward a more effective and efficient NOC

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