Customer Experience Management

We seize every opportunity to build trust and enhance your service experience. Our comprehensive approach to Customer Experience Management demonstrates our commitment to quality control, quality assurance, and Continual Service Improvement across every dimension of support.



We hold ourselves to the highest standards for quality support

Our approach to Customer Experience Management (CEM) goes above and beyond the baseline standards to deliver exceptional experiences for you and your customers.

Dedicated quality control and assurance programs maintain proactive and reactive checks on virtually every component of service we provide. These quality measures come together with next-level reporting capabilities to deliver a comprehensive Continual Service Improvement (CSI) offering—the key components for effective CEM. From ticketing to working issues to the minutiae of onboarding or off-boarding, we see everything as an opportunity to better align ourselves with your needs in sustainable and repeatable ways.

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Case Study: Large Data Center Company

Learn how INOC built operational capacity and reduced response time for a large data center, colocation, and interconnection provider with more than 20 facilities across the United States.

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A proactive, continuous approach to quality control

Our quality control measures keep most concerns off your radar entirely. We pull large samples of both specific and random tickets to understand how they were created, worked, and closed to learn from successes, identify opportunities for improvement, and understand any potential impact on service.

We also evaluate team-to-client interactions to ensure each communication is professional, efficient, and actionable for both parties. Our dedicated quality team evaluates adherence to procedures, quality of work delivered, response times for notifications and escalations, and a variety of other criteria that factor into service. Each lesson, large and small, is applied to continuously improve our workforce, our platform, and our processes so we can pass the value on to you.

Resolve every issue at its root

Every ounce of feedback we receive, good or bad, is put through the same in-depth analysis and resolution process we employ for quality control. Was service phenomenal? We’ll find out why and learn from it. Did something go wrong? We won’t stop analyzing until we identify the true root cause and correct it for good. Again, nothing is safe from improvement. Our people, platform, and processes are constantly being fine-tuned to deliver outstanding service.

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Service impact always comes first

While we seize each opportunity to improve our own operations and the support we deliver to you, we always prioritize any issue that may impact your service. When these issues are detected, we scrutinize every possible source of concern and make the necessary changes to our processes, tools, runbooks, training curriculums, and anything else that empowers us to support you. All corrective and preventive actions are captured, escalated to stakeholders, and reported on to ensure everyone is confident in the actions taken.

Full transparency through tailored CSI review

As you grow, we grow with you. As needed, we’ll meet to discuss KPIs, explore trending issues, and stay in the loop on any changes that impact our service. When support needs to shift, expand, or contract, we’re there with our support each step of the way.

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Example Reporting Criteria:

  • Review tickets, incidents, and escalations
  • Review chronic alarms and incidents
  • Coordinate maintenance calendar
  • Report on service and operations metrics
  • Contractor assessments of performance
  • Forecast planned activities
  • Review quantity and causes for NOC support activities
  • Identify root causes and preventive actions
  • Review client escalations and open items
  • Review staffing and proficiency levels
  • Validate assumptions for contract
  • Identify and mitigate risks within infrastructure and operations
  • Review previous action items and status

Take the first step toward a more effective and efficient NOC

Want to learn more about our CEM program and how we can help you achieve peak performance while saving your team valuable time and resources? Tell us a little about yourself, your infrastructure, and your challenges. We'll follow-up within one business day by phone or email.

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