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Need to take you or your customers’ existing support infrastructure to the next level with an outsourced NOC solution? Enhance support through fully-customizable integrations that bring your business goals within reach.

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Seize every opportunity to improve NOC service through seamless integrations

Need an outsourced NOC support partner who can augment and build on your current IT support capabilities? Put our operational expertise and support capabilities to work without disrupting your current IT environment with a range of client, third-party, and OEM-specific integrations.

We integrate seamlessly with all your support systems, both technical and procedural, to fill gaps, enhance current capabilities, and offer entirely new ones. Whether you need simple support augmentation to escalate activities to your engineers or a NOC team that can take a more active role in working and resolving issues, we integrate with virtually any tool, process, or system to help you meet the growing demands for service among end-users and customers.

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Objective-driven integrations Business objectives first, technical questions second

Each technical integration we plan and implement starts by identifying the tangible business outcome it will produce. Only then do we set out to build the technical integration that enables us to get there.

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Seamless support collaboration within your own IT environment

Already have significant investments in support resources? Keep all the functionality you rely on while augmenting and enhancing it operationally. Sharpen and expand your NOC support capabilities without changing the way you do business or the environment you’re comfortable working in.

If you need it, we can build it

Years of seeing and solving problems through sophisticated integrations make us uniquely equipped to understand your challenges and overcome them with the simplest, most effective integrations possible.

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Monitoring Systems

  • Northbound SNMP Traps
  • Northbound Email Alerts
  • REST API Endpoint
  • And other mechanisms

Ticketing Systems

  • Unidirectional NOC to Client Messaging for Notification
  • Unidirectional NOC to Client Messaging for all NOC Updates
  • Bidirectional Messaging with NOC-Authoritative Ticket Creation
  • Bidirectional Messaging with NOC or Client-Authoritative Ticket Creation

Want to learn more about our integration capabilities?

Alarming interface integrations

Running your own monitoring tools? We integrate downstream of your NMS, EMS, and/or devices through an alarming interface—the mechanism by which your systems tell ours that an event has occurred.

Event correlation and ticketing integrations

Once we’ve received your alarm, we employ both human and automated ticket correlation processes to create appropriate incident tickets, problem tickets, and other records, which can be synchronized to your ticketing system for troubleshooting and resolution.

CMDB integrations

A seamless CMDB integration ensures our configurations are a perfect match. For each alarm we receive and each subsequent ticket we create, CMDB integration associates the appropriate meta information, arming the NOC engineer with the actionable information they need to make informed decisions. When necessary, we also draw on years of experience to enhance existing CMDB structures and capabilities, further enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.

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Short and long-term integration management assistance

Need additional help transitioning and managing integrations from your end? Get additional support from our internal experts or let us locate a trusted third-party resource to guide you through the integration process. We’re happy to fill gaps and further augment your team where and when it's needed.

Stay in control of your IT environment

We approach each integration as a genuine enhancement, not a replacement. Our integrations are tailored to complement your service operations and tools without eliminating the policies, processes, and procedures that make your team effective.

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"We really value the INOC team's understanding of NOC support and operations and their ability to support our growing customer base and requirements. They’ve understood and accommodated our changing needs in a way that encourages growth and expansion."

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"INOC combines end-to-end technical and operational expertise into an outstanding service package. They supported a complex optical network connecting multiple data centers with a level of organization and process efficiency that was impressive. Turnup was streamlined, painless, and transitioned smoothly into excellent ongoing 24x7x365 support."

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