Seize new opportunities to improve performance and availability with an expanding set of cutting-edge machine learning and automation tools.

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Take advantage of the only NOC support service applying powerful AIOps capabilities to the NOC operations environment

AIOps—Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations—combines machine learning and automation to identify and automate low-risk tasks and unlock the insights contained within massive amounts of data generated across your environment.

Rather than wasting time gathering information across a set of siloed and fragmented tools, we’re leading the industry in utilizing (and expanding) a suite of AIOps tools at strategic points in the NOC operational workflow. We draw on our deep operational expertise and an innovative set of tools, to bring all your monitoring, change, and topology data into one place and utilize that data without limitations. In short, we're applying AIOps to enable human teams to make better decisions faster than ever before.


Unleash the Force of AIOps

Learn strategies for predicting and preventing IT Incidents in this fun and informative webinar that covers updates on the AIOps market.

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Eliminate limitations that keep you reactive

When your event data isn’t collected and analyzed properly, incident workflow suffers. Connecting configuration changes with event data becomes impossible. Opportunities to improve availability and support operations are missed. The ultimate cost is high, both in expense and customer reputation.

By applying AIOps to the NOC operations environment, we’re taking steps to remove the filters required to make analysis manageable for human engineers. With vastly superior data processing and machine learning power, we’re working to make the NOC capable of identifying the subtle indicators of approaching issues within a torrent of noisy data. For the first time, we’re able to start listening to what all of your data has to say about your environment and use those insights to deliver genuinely proactive NOC support.

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Overcome old challenges with new solutions

AIOps promises to tackle some of the long-standing challenges in NOC operations support with a suite of novel solutions. Today, we’re already applying these tools to improve event monitoring and management as we continue to expand our service to provide additional value.

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Event Monitoring & Management

We're the first, and so far the only, NOC support provider using AIOps to consolidate and process alarm and event data from all sources and help the NOC understand the significance of an alarm or event in the proper context, as well as its possible impact on infrastructure services and application availability.

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Incident Management

As AIOps continues to evolve in NOC operations, it will be used to feed analysis into the Incident Management process by autonomously surfacing the probable cause and allowing the NOC engineer to confirm the analysis and the data behind it. This will further enable engineers to follow through on the response and beat expectations for resolution times.

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Problem Management

Analyzing the root cause of incidents is critical for preventing future incidents and making infrastructure and applications more reliably available. AIOps will leverage its immense processing power to analyze a trove of historical information to identify root causes with ease.

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Change Management

Managing changes is time-consuming and fraught with risk. AIOps is poised to reduce time and risks significantly by communicating notifications for upcoming maintenances automatically and analyzing incidents in the context of previous Change Management activities.


Bring tools, data, and workflows together to better monitor and manage events

We apply AIOps at strategic points in the NOC operations workflow to consolidate and process alarm and event data from all possible sources, helping the NOC better contextualize the impact on your infrastructure.

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Take the first step toward a more effective and efficient NOC

Want to learn more about how we can apply AIOps to help you achieve peak performance while saving your team valuable time and resources? Tell us a little about yourself, your infrastructure, and your challenges. We'll follow-up within one business day by phone or email.

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