INOC Service Pricing, Explained

At INOC, we believe in delivering maximum value and cost-effectiveness, so our pricing models are designed with flexibility and your unique needs in mind.


A better approach to NOC service pricing

At INOC, we’re often asked whether our NOC service pricing is per alarm, per port, or based on similar asset criteria. While it certainly can be, and sometimes must be depending on a client’s needs, especially for organizations with many devices, our primary method involves custom pricing. This considers the number of devices, known or projected activity levels, and the required level of integration work.

We use these data points to establish an initial service price, which we later adjust based on observed activity levels over time. This method ensures that pricing aligns with the actual NOC demand, often resulting in significant long-term cost savings compared to traditional per-device-only pricing.

Per-device or adaptive pricing—whatever works best for you

We offer device-based pricing or an adaptive activity-based model, depending on your organization's specific needs and circumstances. Factors considered include financial considerations, accountability requirements, support needs, and overall operational costs.


Device-Based Pricing

This model calculates costs based on the types and quantities of devices (or “nodes”) needing monitoring and support. While very simple and predictable, it can lead to paying for unutilized services, so may not always offer the best value.

Adaptive Operational Activity Pricing

This model sets a flat rate based on actual NOC activity levels across your supported infrastructure, measured over time. It aligns costs with actual service usage, which sets healthy incentives for network management and can be particularly beneficial for organizations with lower NOC utilization.

Upon initiating service, we initially set an initial flat price, typically based on the number of devices and average monthly ticket volumes. Then, each quarter, we reassess this price according to observed ticket volumes and any changes in the supported environment.

Requesting a service quote from us

INOC noc support person instant messaging

We offer either a preliminary budgetary quote or a detailed NOC service proposal upfront, depending on your needs and preferences. 

To accurately estimate the cost, we generally require certain information from you, including:

  • The number and types of devices (servers, routers, switches, firewalls, etc.) to be monitored and supported
  • The complexity of your technology environment, including the number of locations and whether your infrastructure is on-premises, cloud-based, or a hybrid model
  • The average number of tickets or incidents your team currently manages per month
  • The size of your current staff, their competencies, and the level of support you require
  • Any specific business objectives or requirements that the NOC service should address

With this information, we tailor a budgetary quote or a comprehensive proposal that aligns with your unique needs and budget.

Unpacking our pricing further

Our structured NOC and advanced operational platform go well beyond providing a traditional break-fix NOC service. They deliver substantial value to your organization that, for most, far surpasses the service cost, setting us apart from the average NOC service provider.

Alongside our core services, we highlight the additional value-adds that our solutions offer, often exceeding expectations. These value-adds justify our pricing and contribute to a rewarding partnership with our clients.

Core Services

24x7 Tier 1-3 NOC Support
Event Monitoring and Management
Scheduled Maintenance Support
24x7 Service Desk
Incident Management
Span/Circuit Management
Escalation for Advanced Vendor Support
Problem Management
Capacity Management
Change Management
System Dashboards and Reporting
System/Device Backups


True ITSM Service Model Implementation (from ITIL)

We apply a genuine IT Service Management (ITSM) model aligned with ITIL principles. This not only facilitates more effective resource and service management, but also streamlines activities and delivers vital services across the company. This model aids executives and managers in managing their IT services more efficiently and simplifies the complexity of IT service management.

Advanced Operations Platform (Monitoring, AIOps, ITSM)

Our advanced operations platform integrates the latest tools and technologies, delivering considerable value across several dimensions of ITOp). This isn't just a monitoring and ticketing system, but a comprehensive operations platform that enables ITOps modernization across several dimensions.

Structured Tiered Support Operation

Our highly-structured tiered support framework can reduce high-tier support activities by 60% to 90%. This structure optimizes resource allocation and enhances the efficiency of IT support operations, allowing high-level engineers to focus on strategic tasks instead of routine break-fix tasks.

CMDB (Configuration Management Database)

Achieving an accurate and comprehensive CMDB is finally possible. This means that details about your technology environment are automatically pulled into the ticket, saving time and resources for the support staff who otherwise would have to search for different information within different platforms.

Next-Level Reporting

We provide comprehensive reports that unlock unprecedented visibility into your operation. Our advanced reporting allows IT managers to track performance metrics and gain in-depth insights into the network—monitoring all network activities, from critical incidents to minor unnoticed issues that may become significant over time. This data-rich perspective helps inform strategic decision-making, optimize resource allocation, and justify future IT investments.

Training and Process Excellence

Our quick adaptability sets us apart from competitors in terms of training and process modifications. Unlike other service providers, we can implement significant process changes within a week or two, based on demand. This rapid response is facilitated by our weekly training calls with all shifts of our NOC, ensuring immediate adaptation to process changes. Our fast response greatly boosts operational flexibility and readiness.

The pricing process at a glance



We collect a few data points from you to establish an initial service quote.


We carry out an operational and technical deep dive to fully identify your support needs, discuss your business challenges and requirements, and analyze your current operation.


We review the proposal with you, making collaborative adjustments until you're entirely comfortable moving forward.

A few pricing FAQs answered

How long does it take to receive a service quote? What factors into this?

It typically takes about a week, depending on the availability of the required information.

How often does INOC adjust its pricing once the service is live?

Typically quarterly following business reviews. This is a collaborative process that involves the client, ensuring transparency and mutual understanding before making any changes.

What factors can cause the price of my NOC service to change over time?

Primarily, factors contributing to additional labor—like an increase in devices, longer times spent on tickets, changes in technology, or major process changes—can affect pricing.

What additional costs might I incur when outsourcing my NOC services to INOC?

Additional costs depend on changes in the service or technology environment, including alterations in monitoring tools, ticketing systems, workflows, etc.

How does INOC determine the initial service quote?

The initial quote is based on a few key factors: the volume of incidents handled or projected monthly, the size and nature of the supported environment, and the nature of integration work needed for INOC support.

How does INOC's pricing model lower my total cost of ownership compared to an in-house NOC or other outsourced services?

We reduce the total cost of ownership by eliminating expenses associated with tool development, team onboarding and training, quality control, and managing staff fluctuations. INOC's 24/7 operation increases efficiency and resource utilization.

How can I ensure that the pricing model I choose best fits my business needs and bottom line?

Our dedicated solutions team collaborates with you to determine the most fitting pricing model for your business needs and financial objectives.

I need to campaign my leadership team. How can I best pitch INOC to my C-suite?

CEO: “With INOC, we'll be investing in a structured IT Service Management framework. It will allow us to focus on core business goals while outsourcing NOC tasks to a specialized team. This strategic shift not only delivers specific business outcomes, but also fosters innovation, agility, and adaptability within our organization.

CIO/CTO: “With INOC, we’ll benefit from a modernized NOC operational platform with a shorter implementation time. This will result in quicker realization of business benefits. The consistency of their services will guarantee more predictable outcomes, which will aid in strategic planning and decision-making. Moreover, it’ll free up our internal IT team to focus on value-add projects and strategic initiatives, further advancing our technological capabilities.”

CFO: “INOC’s services cost far less than maintaining or scaling an in-house solution while delivering high-quality services that would be even more cost-prohibitive to achieve internally. This will translate into predictable operational expenditures, enabling us to plan and allocate our budget more efficiently. It's an investment that guarantees us better value than cheaper, sub-standard alternatives.”

COO: “INOC aligns perfectly with our operational objectives. They’ll mitigate operational risks and reduce downtime, thus promoting continuity and stability in our daily operations. This consistent performance will enable us to maintain high customer service levels, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty. Plus, it’ll allow our internal operations team to focus on optimizing processes and enhancing overall operational efficiency.”


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