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Wondering if a VISION Partnership is a fit for your organization? Explore just a few of the common NOC challenges we help technology and service providers overcome and how partnering with INOC can help you close those gaps, capture new business, and hit your revenue goals.

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CHALLENGE & SOLUTION #1 “We’re struggling to support our customers’ increasingly complex multi-technology, multi-vendor networks, and infrastructures.”


If you serve enterprise customers, this may be a familiar situation: Customers continue to add new technologies and vendors to their already complex and interconnected IT infrastructures. The bigger and more complex their environments become, the more your organization is challenged to support them. 

Your valuable technical resources are increasingly pulled away from critical projects to deal with customer support activities. At some point, you may face a problem: It’s simply too costly to hire, train, and manage additional high-end resources to support all your clients’ potential technology manufacturers—especially for one particular manufacturer or to satisfy one customer’s specific needs.

The INOC VISION partnership provides immediate access to experienced technical resources that enable you to meet your current customers’ growing support demands while expanding your addressable market without burdening your existing technical staff or taking on additional capital expenses and overhead of additional personnel. What would otherwise be a major up-front capital investment to expand your Managed Services offering becomes an operational expense that can be managed flexibly as you grow.

With INOC’s advanced support resources as a direct extension of your services, you can confidently address any of your current or prospective customers’ support needs—a level of service that puts many technology and service providers far ahead of their competitors in particularly high-growth markets.

CHALLENGE & SOLUTION #2 “Simply monitoring our customers’ networks isn’t enough. We need comprehensive technical support capabilities 24x7.”


These days, enterprise companies expect a comprehensive support service that goes well beyond monitoring. They need efficient, real-time support management to keep IT operations up and running at peak performance around the clock. 

Technology and service providers are increasingly expected to understand the complex operational challenges that are keeping teams up at night and come prepared with a service catalog that takes on all or some of that work to meet service level requirements. Supporting clients at this level, 24x7 requires a team of costly resources that must be available overnight and on weekends.

Partnering with INOC, you get access to dedicated, experienced technical resources 24x7 to resolve technical issues—all backed by SLAs that you can trust to provide you (and your customers) with peace of mind.

CHALLENGE & SOLUTION #3 “We need access to senior technical resources who aren’t typically available after business hours or during peak times.”


Until recently, you may not have seen the advanced Tier 2 or 3 utilization rates at a point that justified a larger team. But if you’re like other service providers, that’s changing. Higher resource utilization or a shift in when resources are needed can necessitate a larger team working more hours throughout the week. But finding and hiring senior support experts is hard (and expensive) enough. Accessing these resources after business hours simply isn’t financially or practically feasible unless the support required is the majority of your business.

Because we designed and built INOC specifically as a 24x7 NOC, it has abundant access to technical resources no matter what time of day. We’ve structured and operationalized our NOC specifically to accommodate all types of support, even specialized support during off-hours. And our tiered support structure enables a large volume of advanced work to be handled by Tier 1 staff. VISION Partners circumvent enormous hiring challenges and get convenient access to whomever they need—whenever and wherever they need them.

CHALLENGE & SOLUTION #4 “Our customers are asking us to help them improve their existing NOC operations and/or provide that 24x7 support for them.”


Enterprise customers that already have a NOC frequently look to service providers for help improving it operationally. They may want to improve its efficiency and effectiveness by, for example, giving it structure and improving its processes. Other times, there is no NOC, but one is sorely needed.

Many service providers struggle to address both of these customer requests. Assessing and improving a NOC operation takes a level of expertise many service providers simply don’t have. Since it’s not a core competency, there’s simply no need to bring such a resource in-house. In the latter case, service providers may simply lack the NOC support capabilities customers need.

​​INOC’s services—and their extension through partnerships—address both needs. Our NOC experts can provide consulting services to assess support requirements, analyze gaps, and draw on operational best practices to provide structure, define workflows, and provide full operational visibility for an existing NOC.

We also step in to fill the 24x7 NOC support gap—providing comprehensive outsourced NOC services, from initial setup to 24×7 support to post-event analysis and reporting. Partners address customers’ end-to-end needs, from equipment supply to maintenance/field support to 24x7 monitoring and problem resolution along with help desk services.

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