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Our framework for NOC support organizes and enhances NOC operations, making service efficient and communication clear and actionable.

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Structure is essential to the success of a NOC. Without a framework for managing the people, processes, and platforms responsible for support, costly inefficiencies are inevitable and serious risks pose constant threats to performance and availability.

Our approach to 24x7 NOC support solves these problems through structure—enabling your team to stop putting out fires and start working on the projects that move you forward.

Our NOC support framework typically reduces high-tier support activities by 60% or more, often as much as 90%. Need us to take on all levels of support? Dedicate your full time and attention to growing and strengthening your service. We’ll deliver world-class NOC support conveyed through a common language for fast, effective communication with you, your customers, and all impacted third parties.

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INOC Support Framework The Structured NOC steers support activities to where they belong

The Structured NOC radically transforms where and how support activities are managed—both by tier and category. In a matter of months, the value of an effective operational framework becomes abundantly clear as support activities steadily migrate to their appropriate tiers, lightening the load on advanced engineers while working and resolving issues faster and more effectively.

Four steps to structured NOC support

Wondering what it takes to plan and implement structured NOC support? We guide you all the way to service in four clear and concise phases, ensuring everyone is fully informed and confident each step of the way.

Building a strong foundation for structured NOC support means going beyond simply “collecting” requirements. You’ll work with a certified project manager and engagement lead to explore and clarify your support needs in full detail.

With all support requirements in-hand, we work through a comprehensive onboarding checklist to ensure each component of service is given the attention it deserves. Our onboarding team will then collaborate with the NOC team to review the runbook, fine tune it if necessary, train the NOC support staff, and confirm that everyone has everything they need to move forward with confidence.

Once you’re up and running, we’ll help you understand the nuances of NOC operations through the situations we encounter as support is delivered. You’ll see firsthand how an organized NOC operation delivers meaningful, measurable value through radical improvements in event, incident, and problem management across your IT environment.

At INOC, nearly everyone responsible for CSI has seen and solved problems as a NOC engineer themselves. Armed with the knowledge and intuition that only comes from firsthand experience, our CSI team will anticipate challenges, spot opportunities, and know exactly how to articulate remedies and enhancements to everyone involved. Whether we’re reviewing service level metrics or planning for your next service expansion, you’ll work with dedicated service professionals who bring clarity and responsiveness to each conversation.

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"INOC plays a vital role in keeping our enterprise infrastructure up and our stress levels way down. This level of NOC support doesn't just lead to faster resolution times—it enables us to be proactive in preventing issues. I'd recommend their platform to any organization that needs a dependable support partner."

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AT&T Business

"INOC plays a critical role in protecting vital terrestrial and subsea networks that demand the very best in monitoring. To us, an issue left undetected can compound into a multi-million-dollar fix. INOC’s expertise and responsiveness have become indispensable for our clients who rely on these networks. Notifications are escalated exactly where they need to go and we can meet virtually any reporting demand our clients bring to us."

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Aqua Comms

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