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NOC Lifecycle Solutions®

INOC is an ISO 27001:2013 certified 24×7 NOC and an award-winning global provider of NOC Lifecycle Solutions®, including NOC support, optimization, design, and build services for enterprises, communications service providers, and OEMs. INOC solutions significantly improve the support provided to partners’ and clients’ customers and end users.

INOC assesses internal NOC operations to improve efficiency and shorten response times, and provides best practices consulting to optimize, design, and build NOC operations, frameworks, and procedures. Proactive 24×7 NOC support is provided with several options, including North America, EU, or APAC only or global integrated NOCs. INOC’s 24×7 staff provides a hands-on approach to incident resolution for technology infrastructure support.

For more information on INOC and its services, send us a message or call 1-877-662-2497.

Diversity at INOC

At INOC, innovation is at the core of who we are. To truly innovate, we must constantly challenge the status quo by embracing every employee’s unique characteristics, backgrounds, and experiences. These individual differences push us forward in our solutions and elevate us as a whole. We strive to build a culture in which people can bring their authentic selves to work each day and we will continue to find new ways to foster a diverse team that amplifies the voices of everyone.


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