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The INOC Team provides end-to-end support from inside and outside the NOC, 24x7.

A cost-effective, full-service NOC solution requires its own support resources

24x7 support requires more than a fully staffed NOC. Each activity that surrounds NOC support, including onboarding, tools integration, and reporting (just to name a few), requires a dedicated team that can put experience and best practices to work for you.

Our service bundles all of these resources into a convenient support package at a fraction of the cost of bringing these services in-house. You get end-to-end support powered by NOC teams that excel in each area of support, both inside and outside the NOC.

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Free Case Study How INOC Helped Adtran Improve Its Onboarding Process, Reduce Time-to-Ticket by 26%, and Reduce Time-to-Resolution by 50%

A better model for NOC support

The traditional NOC support model is woefully inefficient both in terms of time and cost. Too many issues well-suited for Tier 1 support end up in front of advanced engineers, wasting valuable time and energy. That’s why we flipped this model on its head.

Following manual or AIOps-powered alarm analysis, our Advanced Incident Management (AIM) team of Tier 2 and Tier 3 engineers draw on deep expertise to quickly diagnose issues and take on troubleshooting and management themselves, or engage the Service Desk and Tier 1 teams for the appropriate support activities. This process has led to reductions in high-tier workloads by as much as 90%. If advanced work is needed, those issues are escalated only when necessary. Our AIM team works closely with our Tier 1 team continuously within our structured NOC environment to enhance the Tier 1 team's knowledge and skills.

More effective issue diagnosis
Faster issue diagnosis
Advanced incident management even at Tier 1-only service levels
NOC team and support structure

Support for the NOC & more Our NOC team is surrounded by its own full-service support

Success in NOC support is a combined effort between the NOC team and the critical teams supporting it. The INOC Team encompasses all of these roles and functions, giving you a complete support package from initial service transition to close-knit customer experience management (and everything in between).

Service Transition

Our Service Transition team onboards you and your customers’ infrastructure with client-supplied information and assistance. After New Service Onboarding is complete, we make subsequent changes to reflect ongoing shifts in your or your customers’ infrastructure and support environment. Change Management records and manages changes to devices, circuits, applications, monitoring and NOC runbooks.

Platform Integration & Dev

We support outsourced NOC integrations with a wide range of client, third-party, SaaS, cloud, and OEM-specific systems, including trouble ticket systems, NMSs, EMSs, device types, operating systems, cloud, and application infrastructure.

We’ll integrate with your databases (and third-party databases) for reporting and various other activities. You'll also get custom monitoring functionality to ensure the NOC has a comprehensive view into your entire infrastructure.

Customer Experience Management (Quality Control & Assurance)

A well-managed quality or service assurance program enables the NOC to identify and resolve problems before they significantly impact you or your customers. We conduct our own quality control and look at a wide range of metrics to understand how our service is performing for you.

All client feedback is addressed by NOC management, who reviews the service to evaluate responsiveness metrics, adherence to runbook procedures, customer interaction, and technical troubleshooting (just to name a few).

Such quantitative and qualitative measures, and the resulting feedback, reduce the likelihood of recurring problems. Monthly and quarterly stakeholder service reviews ensure customer expectations continue to be met. In addition, as a 24x7 service team, we engage in a rigorous, ongoing knowledge management and training program to ensure the entire NOC team is up-to-date on all changes made.


Meaningful operational metrics play an under-appreciated role in keeping staff morale high. That’s why we set and evaluate performance objectives on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

We identify the metrics that are most meaningful and applicable to your specific operation, reflecting the size and scale of your operation and the KPIs that measure against your objectives. Metrics like first-call resolution, time to action, mean time to restore, and number of tickets and calls handled provide operational visibility and represent points of pride for accomplishment within the NOC.

Trusted by Leading Enterprises, Service Providers, and OEMs

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INOC combines end-to-end technical and operational expertise into an outstanding service package. They supported a complex optical network connecting multiple data centers with a level of organization and process efficiency that was impressive. Turnup was streamlined, painless, and transitioned smoothly into excellent ongoing 24x7x365 support.”

George J. Cornachini, Global Technology Consultant
Digital Realty

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