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Meet the growing demands of infrastructure support with industry-leading expertise in all areas of NOC support and operations.

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While we employ a wide array of cutting-edge technology and sophisticated operational tools, it’s our depth of knowledge that makes the difference. With decades of experience in infrastructure monitoring and engineering—and with thousands of mission-critical decisions under our belts—we’re uniquely equipped to solve problems, identify opportunities, and design support frameworks that satisfy and very often exceed growing infrastructure support demands among enterprises, service providers, and OEMs.

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Explore our areas of expertise

Discover how we apply decades of experience to reveal every opportunity for enhancement within your IT environment and achieve optimal performance and availability though award-winning NOC support.

INOC Platform

The INOC Platform is built to meet your service level requirements while offering total flexibility for seamless third-party and custom tool integration. Learn more about our expansive list of existing third-party tool integrations and internal development capabilities for integrating custom tools and responding to change requirements with ease.


Take advantage of new opportunities for operational efficiency and effectiveness unlocked by machine learning and AIOps. Learn how we apply these cutting-edge tools to process large volumes of real-time and historical data to augment NOC support processes and improve EMM, IM, PM, and CM.

NOC Assessment & Turnup

Whether you're working to improve an existing NOC or turning up support on our outsourced NOC platform, the first steps of assessment are critical to success. Learn how we’ve developed effective processes that ensure every decision we make is fully informed from day one, whether it's understanding your support requirements before turnup, or evaluating an existing environment from every angle.


A successful NOC relies on a sophisticated structure for support, not just bodies in seats. Learn what our support system looks like from the inside and how it helps us deliver outstanding NOC support 24x7.

24x7 Service Desk

Meeting the growing demands of infrastructure support needs increasingly requires a single point of contact for you and your customers. Learn how our 24x7 NOC Service Desk team work as critical “first responders” to monitor events, deploy resources, and quickly resolve incidents to meet infrastructure support needs in even the most demanding environments.

NOC Runbooks

Runbooks are critical resources for documenting work steps that the NOC will execute, or for internal documentation, training, and optimization. Learn how our runbooks document and guide you through operational support processes to make decision-making clear and informed.

Operations & Tools Integration

The INOC Platform offers a wide array of existing system integrations. From monitoring tools to ticketing systems and everything in between, we have the internal expertise, procedural flexibility, and platform capability to integrate with your operations and toolsets.

Global NOCs

Proactive 24x7 NOC support is provided with several options, including, North America, EU or APAC only, or with global integrated NOCs. Learn how we’re a global provider of NOC Lifecycle Solutions®.

Business Continuity

Feel better with a backup? So do we. Redundant NOCs are one of the unique benefits we offer, ensuring your infrastructure is fully supported in the event of a disaster. Our comprehensive approach to business continuity adds an extra measure of confidence to your NOC service, ensuring it will continue to function and offer clear visibility into your infrastructure in the most extreme of circumstances.

NOC Support Framework

Effective NOC support relies on a structured framework that makes communication clear and actionable internally and for you, your customers, and third parties through a common language. Learn how we employ global frameworks built upon ITIL best practices to better serve and communicate with clients across a range of industries and technologies.

Service Level Management

Satisfying and exceeding your service level requirements is at the core of what we do. Learn how we go beyond contractual service level agreements to diligently measure, report, and optimize each component of our NOC support operations—continuously learning from each action we take and applying those insights to achieve better outcomes for you.

Customer Experience Management

Learn the sophisticated measures we’ve implemented to maintain internal quality control and assure quality throughout each client support process. Our QC/QA analyses scrutinize each tool, procedure, and action to continuously improve efficiency and effectiveness in everything we do.

Security & ISO Certification

As a provider of critical IT services, security—especially for our client’s data—is something we take very seriously. We demonstrate our ongoing commitment to managing and protecting all client data through our ISO 27001 certification and internal security team covering staff roles in compliance, technical, and SOC operations to maintain the ISMS.
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We align, integrate, and streamline the various functions of a NOC operation into a powerful set of services designed, built, and supported by experienced NOC specialists.

Whether you need to build, improve, or outsource your NOC support operations, we fully understand your internal and external support requirements, expectations, SLAs, security and business continuity needs, and other requirements before designing, building, and implementing a NOC solution tailored specifically to meet your infrastructure support needs.

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Free Case Study How INOC Helped Adtran Improve Its Onboarding Process, Reduce Time-to-Ticket by 26%, and Reduce Time-to-Resolution by 50%

"INOC plays a critical role in protecting vital terrestrial and subsea networks that demand the very best in monitoring. To us, an issue left undetected can compound into a multi-million-dollar fix. INOC’s expertise and responsiveness have become indispensable for our clients who rely on these networks. Notifications are escalated exactly where they need to go and we can meet virtually any reporting demand our clients bring to us."

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Aqua Comms

“[A] big motivator for working with INOC was its ability to navigate the interpersonal dynamics of a massive enterprise. Our client had multiple CTOs, CIOs, and about two dozen IT SVPs. INOC was able to galvanize all these stakeholders by demonstrating real thought leadership in their discipline. They could show what’s likely coming in two or three years in terms of automation and machine learning—and how DevOps was going to play into support. That was super important to our client.”

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