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Designing a new NOC or optimizing an existing one, either for yourself or on behalf of your customers? Our NOC experts assess support requirements, analyze gaps, and draw on operational best practices to provide tiered organization structures, define appropriate workflows, and provide full operational visibility into your infrastructure and support systems. Put our expertise to work for you.

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Build or optimize your NOC for peak performance and availability

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A fast and effective NOC relies on a fully documented and implemented operational framework—one that employs best practices and innovative problem-solving throughout your IT environment.

Having designed and implemented NOC operations with the best reputation in the enterprise, service provider, and OE markets, we deliver comprehensive best practices consulting for designing and building new NOCs and helping existing NOCs significantly improve the support provided to you and your customers.

Our approach to high-quality support aligns and integrates each function of NOC support operations to enable more informed, consistent decision-making in line with the ITIL framework. Rather than a traditional consulting arrangement, you’ll get a concise project scope tied closely to each deliverable at a rate that reflects the size and complexity of the IT environment.

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NOC OPERATIONS DESIGN & IMPLEMENTATION Run your new NOC effectively and efficiently from day one

Building a new NOC or helping your customers build one? Power it with an operational framework designed to deliver outstanding support, fast. We fully evaluate your internal and external support requirements, support expectations, SLAs, security, business continuity, and other requirements to craft a customized blueprint for tiered organization and service operation. You’ll get an actionable plan for hiring, training, and managing people, along with a standardized, ITIL-aligned framework for implementing and managing platforms, processes, and procedures.

Working with existing tools or planning to implement new ones? We help define appropriate workflows and ensure you (or your customers) have full operational visibility with detailed reports and metrics to run the NOC. We support each implementation through comprehensive customer experience management to ensure both quality control and assurance while continually improving service—the keys to NOC success in a quickly-changing IT environment.

Breaking ground on a new NOC operation starts by diving deep to understand your support requirements from every angle. We identify and interview key stakeholders to learn what effective support means for your organization before investigating further to paint the full picture of the requirements before you. With each need clearly defined, we design an operational framework that draws on years of experience to ensure your NOC is powered for peak efficiency and effectiveness from day one. You’ll see exactly what it will take to implement your framework, whether we’re leading the project or you’re taking it on yourself.

Bringing an operational design plan to life requires a well-informed implementation plan of its own. We'll clarify and sharpen each decision you need to make across people, process, and platform to chart the optimal path forward. From understanding what role each person will play and crafting position descriptions and training programs, to identifying each hardware and software connection, we'll translate every implementation requirement into prescriptive action—mapping out how each component fits together and turning what's on paper into a real-life support system.

Knowing IT environments and their support requirements are always in flux, we work with you to conduct periodic reviews. We'll identify what's working, what needs adjustment, and where changes may be coming so we can anticipate them and tailor support accordingly.

Once you're up and running, we’ll help you understand the nuances of NOC operations, measure critical metrics, and fine-tune support accordingly. Each service hiccup is identified and addressed.

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NOC OPTIMIZATION Optimize your current NOC and unlock its full potential

Need to enhance your current NOC? We identify and analyze operational gaps, highlight opportunities, and develop a standardized operational framework to push IT service performance and availability into high gear. We'll work closely to understand what's working, what's not, and craft a customized blueprint for tiered organization and service operation. You'll get an actionable plan for hiring, training and managing people, along with a standardized, ITIL-aligned framework for implementing and managing processes and procedures efficiently.

We take the time to understand people, processes, and platforms across your IT environment to define appropriate workflows and ensure you have full operational visibility with detailed reports and metrics to run the NOC. We support each implementation with comprehensive customer experience management to ensure quality control and assurance while continually improving service—processes that are key to NOC success in a changing IT environment.

Assessment begins with an in-depth interview process to investigate perceived gaps, reveal hidden needs, and bring all the opportunities for NOC improvement together into clear view. We paint a full picture of IT service delivery—understanding the impact of each element to determine optimal performance levels. Each tool, person, and process is analyzed to prioritize opportunities for operational enhancement. The resulting proposal lays out each problem and a high-level plan for optimization along with all the resources needed to bring your framework to life.

At the implementation stage, we break out each recommendation into actionable steps—a detailed roadmap with project plans for each component. We clearly lay out staffing and training requirements across tiers of service, spelling out how each person will contribute to support. Each process for identifying and acting on alarms is clearly established and documented through extensive runbook development. Services built out of the ITSM platform go beyond identifying and resolving issues to manage all your resources from the top down.

We schedule routine operations reviews at necessary intervals to continue tracking KPIs and conducting gap analyses. If further fine-tuning is necessary, assessment processes are re-run and re-implemented to fill lasting gaps.

Once implemented, we enter an IOP to help you monitor operational metrics and understand how everything is working. We follow up to interview key resources to ensure all information is being captured and tied into the NOC.

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NOC operations solutions for enterprises, service providers, OEMs, MSPs, and others

As a trusted provider of NOC operations support, we know how to solve problems and tailor solutions for enterprises, service providers, and OEMs. Through our channel partner program, we can also help IT service providers assess and improve their customer’s support operations as an extension of their own services. Bring us in to fill any gaps in improving NOC operations.



Get deep expertise in infrastructure, networking, servers, virtual machines, and all of the systems and software you and your end-users rely on for IT service delivery.


Service Providers

We know the demands for customer service delivery grow steeper each day. Service-via-circuit is one of our many specialties. Identify and notify customers with actionable information.



Understanding operations is key to delivering outstanding product support. We help OEMs add unique value through exceptional managed service support.

Let’s give your NOC the operational capability it deserves

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With well over 20 years of experience implementing best practices in NOCs around the world, we've seen and solved many of the biggest operational hurdles that hinder growth and waste valuable time and energy.

Right now, our ITIL-aligned frameworks power IT support in hundreds of organizations, helping teams resolve issues faster and improve their proactive and predictive capabilities. Whether you're building a NOC or want to unlock new opportunities for efficiency within your current one, we help you develop a framework designed to make life easier and your business stronger.

“We really value the INOC team’s understanding of NOC support and operations and their ability to support our growing customer base and requirements. They’ve understood and accommodated our changing needs in a way that encourages growth and expansion.”

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“INOC has provided an incredible level of NOC support for our critical Public Safety and Public Transportation clients that have large and complex network, server, and application environments. INOC provides our field service teams with more intelligent alerting that allows us to resolve problems much quicker and keep critical infrastructure running 24x7. Trending capacity and forecasting is also important to our clients. INOC’s services allow us to help our clients budget capital improvements more appropriately. Our partnership has spanned twelve years and we’re continuing to expand services to date.”

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Digital Reality

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