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NOC Challenge Can't Meet Customer Support Demands

The Problem

If you serve mid-market or enterprise customers, this may be a familiar situation: Customers continue to add new technologies and vendors to their already complex and interconnected IT infrastructures. The bigger and more complex their environments get, the more your organization is challenged to support them. Your valuable technical resources are increasingly pulled away from critical projects to deal with customer support activities.

At some point, you face a problem: It’s simply too costly to hire, train, and manage additional high-end resources to support all your clients’ potential technology manufacturers—especially if for only one particular manufacturer or to satisfy one customer’s specific needs.

How We Solve It

INOC provides immediate access to a deep bench of experienced technical resources that enable you to meet your current customers’ growing support demands while expanding your addressable market without burdening your existing technical staff or taking on additional capital expense and overhead of additional personnel. What would otherwise be a major up-front capital investment to expand your Managed Services offering becomes an operational expense that can be managed flexibly as you grow.

With INOC’s advanced support resources as a direct extension of your own services, you can confidently address any of your current or prospective customers’ support needs—a level of service that puts many SIs and MSPs far ahead of their competitors in the particularly high-growth markets.

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