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NOC Challenge No 24x7 Support Capabilities

The Problem

Until recently, you may not have seen support utilization rates at a point that justified a 24x7 operation. But if you’re like other IT teams, that’s changing. Higher resource utilization or a shift in when resources are needed can necessitate a larger team working more hours throughout the week.

But finding and hiring both frontline and senior support experts is hard (and expensive) enough. Accessing these resources after business hours simply isn’t financially or practically feasible unless the support required is the majority of your business.

How We Solve It 

Because we designed and built INOC specifically as a 24x7 NOC, it has abundant access to technical resources no matter what time of day. We’ve structured and operationalized our NOC specifically to accommodate all types of support, even specialized support during off-hours. Our customers and partners circumvent enormous hiring challenges and get convenient access to whoever they need—whenever and wherever they need them.

Outsourcing 24x7 support—Tier, 1, 2, 3 or a combination thereof—to INOC has several advantages that often compels teams to outsource most or all of their support needs (especially Tier 1).

Here are some advantageous outcomes:

  • The ability to use INOC's operations platform, which may include modern advancements like automation you don’t have in place.
  • The ability to take advantage of INOC’s internal operational efficiencies.
  • Freeing up advanced staff to focus on IT project work more exclusively, potentially resulting in less burnout and turnover.
  • Improved ability to concentrate on managing IT services overall.
  • Ability to focus on recruiting and retaining advanced staff required to help improve the overall business.
  • Better resource management via accurate metrics and KPIs.

Partnering with INOC, you get access to dedicated experienced technical resources 24x7 to resolve technical issues—all backed by SLAs that you can trust to provide you (and your customers) with peace of mind.

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