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NOC Challenge Lack of Quality Control or Assurance

The Problem

If a NOC team can't measure its service quality and provide quality assurance on a continuous basis, it risks losing customer satisfaction and compromising its reputation.

A good quality control program monitors and measures primary aspects of the NOC service. These KPIs provide much-needed visibility into NOC support activity, responsiveness and effectiveness. Managers can use this information to ensure, for instance, that stated objectives for event-to-action times and first-level incident resolution are being met for each customer.

Quality control also detects chronic issues so management can find appropriate solutions—for example, correcting relevant runbook procedures, ensuring complete documentation is available to the NOC, or providing additional staff training. A monthly audit of a subset—say, 5%—of all tickets created is an important part of ongoing review. Staff mentoring is also key to quality control and helps ensure high levels of customer satisfaction.

A good quality or service assurance program allows the NOC to identify and resolve problems before they impact customers or the business in a significant way. A quality assurance review begins when a customer reports dissatisfaction with any aspect of the NOC service. NOC management follows up with an internal review of the service—A good quality or service assurance program allows the NOC to identify and resolve problems before they impact customers or the business in a significant way.

Responsiveness metrics, adherence to runbook procedures, customer interaction and technical troubleshooting, to name a few. Such quantitative and qualitative measures and the resulting feedback lower the probability of the same problem recurring. Monthly and quarterly reviews of the service with stakeholders ensure that customer expectations continue to be met.

How We Solve It

Our approach to Customer Experience Management (CEM) goes above and beyond the baseline standards to deliver exceptional experiences for you and your customers.

Dedicated quality control and assurance programs maintain proactive and reactive checks on virtually every component of service we provide. These quality measures come together with next-level reporting capabilities to deliver a comprehensive Continual Service Improvement (CSI) offering—the key components for effective CEM. From ticketing to working issues to the minutiae of onboarding or off-boarding, we see everything as an opportunity to better align ourselves with your needs in sustainable and repeatable ways.

Our quality control measures keep most concerns off your radar entirely. We pull large samples of both specific and random tickets to understand how they were created, worked, and closed to learn from successes, identify opportunities for improvement, and understand any potential impact on service.

We also evaluate team-to-client interactions to ensure each communication is professional, efficient, and actionable for both parties. Our dedicated quality team evaluates adherence to procedures, quality of work delivered, response times for notifications and escalations, and a variety of other criteria that factor into service. Each lesson, large and small, is applied to continuously improve our workforce, our platform, and our processes so we can pass the value on to you.

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