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NOC Challenge Slow or Inconsistent Response Times

The Problem

A lack of consistency is one of the main reasons NOCs don’t perform at optimal levels.

The best way to create consistency is through a standardized process framework.

Such a framework provides a NOC with a set of specific procedures for handling various support situations. There are several process and management frameworks to choose from, including MOF, FCAPS and ITIL.

ITIL (IT infrastructure library) is a widely used framework that is useful in achieving the ISO 20000 certification. It provides best practices to follow when delivering technology support services, as well as the flexibility to include your organization’s custom procedures under its umbrella of lifecycle stages.

How We Solve It

Our multi-tier operational support structure enables managers to leverage the lower-cost first-level or Tier 1 team to perform routine activities, freeing up high-level technical teams to focus on more advanced support issues.

By following an operational methodology that utilizes a tiered support structure in full alignment with the ITIL framework, our NOC can rapidly respond to incidents and events and continue to implement changes as needed, all under a more cost-effective service model.

Simply put, our goal is 100% uptime for each client’s technology environment. Our NOC uses advanced event detection systems and SLA-specific responses to keep your infrastructure operating. Our outsourced NOC services are thorough and comprehensive, from initial setup to 24×7 support to post-event analysis and reporting.

We actively monitor your infrastructure and applications in real time, 24x7, to identify faults, make actionable correlations, and prepare tickets for resolution without disrupting your team or your business. Get the information you need to resolve issues quickly or minimize the need for on-call engineers by leaving NOC support to us. We ensure issues are worked by appropriate engineers to fit your specific service level needs and keep your infrastructure up and running at all times.

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