5-Step Strategy for NOC Business Continuity Planning

White paper A 5-Step Strategy for NOC Business Continuity Planning in Response to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed major business continuity vulnerabilities within IT operations, forcing teams to rapidly develop remote work capabilities and codify them into their policies.

To ensure your NOC can continue to monitor and protect IT services, we documented our business continuity response in this 5-step guide. Use it to implement yourself or grade your provider’s capabilities.

You'll learn clear, practical steps you can take to develop a remote NOC solution, update your BCP, and protect against workforce disruptions now and in the future.

About the white paperHere’s the main idea.

A report from Gartner released during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic revealed that just 12% of businesses reported being highly prepared for its impact. As IT operations teams grapple with the ongoing and evolving challenges, the pandemic revealed major vulnerabilities in business continuity planning, prompting many firms to revisit their plans and implement the necessary safeguards.

For IT operations teams, including those responsible for the Network Operations Center (NOC), these vulnerabilities have, for the first time, forced leaders to rapidly develop remote work capabilities and codify them into their business continuity plans to prevent a looming workforce disaster. To help NOC teams safeguard the IT services they monitor and protect, we documented our process and work steps in this handy strategy guide.

If you manage an internal NOC function, consider using this as a playbook to plan your own remote work capability and enhance your business continuity plan. If you work with a third-party NOC support provider, this resource can serve as a checklist for grading your NOC provider’s preparedness for the current situation and potential future workforce disruptions.

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The inside look See inside our pandemic business continuity plan

This guide offers a brief review of the essentials of NOC disaster recovery before presenting our five-step strategy for pandemic preparedness. You’ll learn:

  • Where most NOCs are currently vulnerable in terms of preparedness
  • The basics of disaster recovery in the NOC
  • A step-by-step process for business continuity enhancements to protect against public health emergencies
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The benefits See everything you need to prepare confidently

Learn how to create a team to develop necessary safeguards and add them to your plan.
See inside our employee communication strategy.
Learn how to coordinate with critical suppliers and vendors to ensure a smooth transition to remote work.
See how to develop remote work solutions for your team.

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INOC plays a vital role in keeping our enterprise infrastructure up and our stress levels way down. This level of NOC support doesn’t just lead to faster resolution times—it enables us to be proactive in preventing issues. I’d recommend their platform to any organization that needs a dependable support partner.”

Kelly “Colleen” Jacobs, Program Manager, Department of Veteran’s Affairs, AT&T Business

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5-Step Strategy for NOC Business Continuity Planning

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