INOC Kicks Off Its First Annual Volunteer Day

INOC is passionate about inspiring our team to make a difference in their local communities. With this in mind, we created an annual Volunteer Day for all staff starting in 2022 as part of our new Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion vision. All INOC employees now receive a paid day off each year to spend volunteering time with an organization of their choice. 

We recognize that our employees are individuals with diverse backgrounds and interests, so every employee has the flexibility to contribute their time to an organization or cause of their choosing. Some of our popular volunteer choices include food banks, environmental causes, animal shelters, and affordable housing construction. If every INOC employee uses their Volunteer Day in 2022, it will add up to over 2,000 volunteer hours for various important causes!  

To kick off our new Volunteer Day offering, Erin Engler, INOC’s Human Resources Director, used her first one spending time with the Face of Hope Community School in Kampala, Uganda.

Face of Hope is a grassroots, community-based organization that houses, feeds, educates, and supports orphaned children and the elderly.

Erin and her mom spent a day learning about their classroom curriculum and meeting the 50 children living at the center. As part of their visit, they also brought four large suitcases filled with donated INOC laptops, phones, food, school supplies, clothes, and books for Face of Hope to use in their efforts. 

Volunteer work in Uganda

Volunteer work in Uganda

Volunteer work in UgandaVolunteer work in Uganda

Erin had this to say about the experience: “It was truly great to see all the children receiving care, compassion, and an education.”  

We’re looking forward to hearing from more INOC employees about how they are spending their Volunteer Days to impact their local communities and across the world!



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