11 Ways INOC Helps Create a Healthier Workplace and Community

For World Health Day this year, the WHO is promoting “building a fairer, healthier world” to address inequalities in access to healthcare, nourishing food, clean air and water, and safe environments—a mission INOC proudly supports.

In recognition of World Health Day, we decided to reflect upon the ways in which INOC protects the health of its employees and community.

1. Annual Onsite Biometrics Screenings for Employees

Each July, INOC provides on-site health check-ups for employees. All employees are able to schedule appointments with a nurse, who measures blood pressure, body mass index (BMI), body fat index, and other health metrics to create a health risk assessment. This assessment can be submitted to health care providers to take advantage of wellness initiatives and encourages steps towards improving overall health.

2. Health Insurance Provider Initiatives

INOC’s healthcare provider rewards plan members for taking care of their health by allowing them to earn gift cards. Some ways employees can earn rewards include: reading a book, getting an annual flu vaccine, completing a Daily Habit Goal, exploring a state park, or volunteering.

3. Bike to Work Day

For the last several years, INOC has encouraged employees to ride their bike during the month of May. We’ve also held an annual Bike to Work Day since 2013. Often, five to ten coworkers meet and ride to the office together. 

For the last couple of years, they have met in Cottage Grove and biked for 10 miles to the office. (Our own Mike Ludeman currently holds the record distance biked to and from the INOC office—34 miles roundtrip!) 

To stay safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic, this year, employees will be encouraged to ride their bike around their neighborhood on May 21st to receive a gift card.

4. Anytime Fitness Corporate Discount for Employees

We partner with Anytime Fitness to encourage our employees to stay fit. With the discount, INOC employees don't need to pay an enrollment fee to join the club.

5. Free Healthy Snacks for Onsite Employees

For the last several years, INOC has offered healthy snacks in our breakrooms, including fresh fruit, granola bars, and sparkling water.

6. Annual Dane County Farmers Market Gleaning

Each Fall, INOC works with the Community Action Coalition (CAC) to gather fresh produce from the Dane County Farmers Market to donate to local food pantries. INOC employees wear vests provided by the CAC and form teams to obtain food from each quadrant of the farmers market. Our last crew collected 455 pounds of produce to donate.

7. COVID-19 Vaccination PTO

To ensure the safety of our staff, we’re providing our employees with PTO to obtain the COVID-19 vaccination.

8. Free Flu Vaccinations

Every year, a nurse is brought on-site to offer free flu shots to all our shifts during the Fall.

9. Free Workout Classes, Cooking Tips, and Recipes

During the pandemic, INOC’s property manager offered free, virtual home workouts, cooking tips, and recipes for employees to help them stay healthy.

10. Teleworking Program

INOC continues to expand our telework program. Eligible employees now have the option to work from their homes a few days per week.

11. Remote Working Environment

Since March 23, 2020, INOC has transitioned to a fully-remote office to ensure the safety of all our employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are also complying with social distancing and masking guidelines for those who wish to visit our office now or in the future.



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