How INOC Parents Celebrated a Unique Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day This Year

During a regular year, parents across the country would bring their children to work with them to celebrate Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work® Day, showing them the possibilities different careers have to offer.

But after shifting to a fully virtual working environment in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many INOC employees and their children entered a new reality that blurred the line between school and work.

In honor of this event—celebrated virtually on April 22 this year—we asked INOC parents (and their kids or grandkids) to share their favorite (and in some cases, their not-so-favorite) things about working and learning from home in 2020 and 2021.

Jim Hajcak

Quality Control Specialist

Jim and kidsJim with his children, Izzy (front) and Nadiya (back)

I appreciate the extra time I get to spend with Izzy and Nadiya. We have had many lunches together and this reminds me of the times I was able to spend with my dad when I was a young adult.

Izzy (18)

I really like being able to see you more, getting to have lunch with my dad, and being able to joke around with him when he is on a break.


Joel Brown

Configuration and Change Analyst

Joel and grandsonJoel with his grandson, Graham

My wife watches our grandson on her days off, and I’ve enjoyed having him around the house more during this past year. I’ve had more opportunities to see him, which makes my days a little brighter. It’s given me more smiles while working!

Graham (2)

Bumpa! Come Upstairs!


Jennifer Lichucki

Director of Client Integration

Jennifer and stepsonsJennifer with her two stepsons, Nate (left) and Ben (right)

Being a stepmom, I learned that my stepsons actually like spending time with me. No matter what room I am in, they tend to congregate there, and given out of the three of us I am the quiet one, that is a problem.

Ben (15)

Nothing, I would have preferred no parents were at home.

Nate (13)

On our breaks, I could hang out with her and the dogs and have food.


Alissa Geurink

Manager of Client Experience

Alissa and kidsAlissa with her children, Alex (left) and Ana (right)

What I have enjoyed the most about working from home for the past year with my kids is that I get a cat shoved into my face every morning as my daughter comes in to say good morning.

However, a more serious answer would be that I am able to help them with their school work and see their progress. It is an area that is often hidden from parents as kids track into school. As a parent, I did not know what my kids did or how they interacted at school outside of a phone call, email, or parent-teacher conference. Being able to be a part of their school year and help them more is really special to me.

Ana (11)

I love being able to watch Youtube on my breaks. I also love being able to ask my Mommy for help when I need it.


Bob Brownell

Client Service Manager

Bob's sonBob's son, Parker

I enjoyed spending additional time with Parker during the day and being more involved in his school work. We rearranged our workspace many times trying to find the best layout for 3 people on video calls at the same time. These cubes from Ikea made great dividers. The cats enjoyed them too.

Parker (11)

It was nice having Mom and Dad around. I liked being able to ask for help anytime I wanted. But I always had to stay quiet! Also, I still don’t know what my Dad and Mom do for work!



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