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Fiber Monitoring:

Pinpoint fiber faults fast. Inexpensively.

When networks fail, you need to find the fault – and fast. INOC’s Fiber Monitoring service allows you to distinguish between failures of network devices and problems with the fiber plant.

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  • In-Service and Dark Fiber Monitoring

    INOC uses the latest innovations in fiber testing and provides real-time, in-service monitoring of the fiber plant; the service also supports dark fiber. By monitoring the integrity and performance of the fiber plant in real-time, INOC’s Fiber Monitoring service presents service providers and enterprises with highly precise understanding of their fiber infrastructure.
    This fiber assurance solution is revolutionary – both in terms of cost and capability; it has been specifically developed to address the needs of fiber providers and users. The monitoring is independent from transported data streams and requires no active equipment at the end/user site. Ultimately, having this insight into fiber means fewer issues, much higher service availability and significantly improved SLAs – and, no more expensive test equipment.

    Highlights of INOC’s Fiber Monitoring service include:

    • Non-intrusive monitoring independent from user traffic. Compatible with any data protocol as well as multi-wavelength systems.
    • Fast detection of fiber plant issues versus equipment failures. Localize failures and shorten repair cycles.
    • Fiber degradation detection. Initiate action before services are affected.
    • Active component at central office/data center/hub locations. Passive demarcation reflectors. No power requirements for operation at end/user location even under harsh environmental conditions.
    • Up to 160km nominal reach for access, metro and core applications.
    • Measurement signal at 1650nm, outside user traffic wavelengths.
    • 10m fault detection accuracy.

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