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Maximize storage reliability through a fully-secure monitoring and support solution

Over-utilized storage systems can lead to slow or unresponsive behavior while failures can point to broken hard disks and other serious technical issues. These storage problems can cause significant outages, impacting productivity and frustrating end-users. Effective storage monitoring and support is critical for both detecting and accurately identifying the nature of issues for fast, accurate resolution.

The INOC Platform provides comprehensive monitoring and support capabilities for storage systems. We ensure your storage arrays and volumes are accurately monitored and supported with the correct procedures for restoring failures and facilitating storage and capacity planning through the tools available in the NOC.

Our monitoring capabilities include Array Controller Performance, Volume Performance & Utilization, Per-Port Performance and Throughput, iSCSI Network Statistics, Physical Disk Throughput & Utilization, and Hardware Component Health.

In addition to a suite of monitoring capabilities, our engineers utilize trending and historical data to analyze the performance of volumes and disks for capacity and throughput planning.

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