INOC provides holistic monitoring of all your applications, using a variety of methods to collect detailed metrics in order to obtain a comprehensive view.

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INOC’s team monitors public, private and hybrid clouds, custom web applications, network and storage resources, ports, protocols and more. INOC’s cloud application monitoring technology enables us to track web responses, actual transactions, application health on physical and virtual servers and database queries.

We use your existing operational tools where possible — e.g., Nagios, Sensu, RightScale or CloudWatch — including those you may have customized. Our NOC detects and responds to issues rapidly by notifying, escalating, executing support scripts and troubleshooting, all in concert with your SLAs and business policies. We partner with developers, database gurus, OS and DevOps experts to bring complex, mission-critical application support expertise to bear when needed.

INOC’s NOC services ensure the continuous availability of your applications.

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